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Blue Ice glacier walk

Jostedalsbreen glacier is the largest ice cap on the European continent. From the endless white plateau a lot of glacier arms are pushing their way down the valleys. One of the most spectacular and the easiest accesible of these is the Nigardsbreen glacier in Jostedalen. You get to the glacier center by private car (45 minutes) or with the Glacier Bus, which leaves Solvorn at 08:35 every day. The bus returns to Solvorn 18:15.

Jostedalen breførarlag, the glacier guide company, offers guided tours on Nigardsbreen. All equipment is included and safety is the number one priority. The walk is not physically hard, but some people find that they have used new muscles from walking with crampons on the ice, so it can be tiring!

There are 4 different glacier walks:
1. The family walk. Very easy, mostly on flat ice. From 6 years old, especially suitable for young children. You buy the ticket at the edge of the glacier. Duration: 1 hour, runs daily.
2. Short Blue Ice Trip. Short and easy trip between crevasses and seracs. From 12 years old. Suitable for everybody. May be very crowded in July and August. Duration: 3.5 hours, runs daily.
3. Blue Ice Trip. RECOMMENDED. Easy, but long enough to seek out some more impressive areas of the ice. Visit and investigate the most interesting formations and colours. From 12 years old. Suitable for everybody. Duration: 4.5 hours, runs daily.
4. Blue Ice Special. A more challenging glacier tour. In smaller groups of 6 people, you can try a more demanding blue-ice trek and for those who wish: ice-climbing with a pair of climbing axes on a wall of ice with a top rope. From 12 years old. Suitable for people with normal fitness. Duration: 6 hours runs Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat. Highly reccomended!

Buy your ticket online;

Included in the ticket is free entrance to the glacier center. There is cafe, a souvenir shop and a glacier exhibition.  

The hosts reccomend enjoying the glacier with a cinammon roll from Lustrabui bakery