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How to get there

Eplet is located in the middle of Southern Norway near the head of Sognefjord, the second longest fjord in the world. How to get here:

Public transportation.
Norway is a great country to travel with public transportation. It is very reliable, and has lots of advantages:
1) Interaction. You meet people and are part of the community.
2) View. You see more than you see from a small car.
3) Price. Public transportation is cheaper. It is actually one of the most reasonably priced things in this country.
4) Safer. If you forget your camera on a bus you can be almost sure it will be taken care of by lost and found.

It is easy to reach Eplet by public transport. But we can't say it clear enough; you need to take your time. On a big map Norway may not look so big, but there are several reasons it takes a long time to travel in Norway;
1) Geography. The mountainous landscape make roads longer than you think and ferry crossings take time.
2) The public transportation is based on a giant network that focuses on transporting Norwegians in all directions with good connections rather than focusing on direct fast routes. For this reason villages like Solvorn are easily accessible by bus. However there are a lot of rural villages, and since they all are linked to the network the connections can be complicated, the timetable is very difficult to read and the routes are time consuming. Enjoy the view and chat to the locals. Use our timetables for tried and tested routes.

Private car or rental car.
Eplet is located in Solvorn, a small village 18 km NE from Sogndal on road 55 towards Sognefjellet and Lom. At Hafslo you turn right when you see the sign for Solvorn, Ornes Stavkyrkje and the Walaker Hotel, and drive 3 km down to the fjord. The village is small and there is a sign for Eplet on the road, so just keep following the road down until you see it - it's impossible to get lost! 

There is a small domestic airport in Sogndal. All arrivals and departures has a connecting shuttle bus that takes you from the airport to Sogndal (30 minutes). You may have to wait quite some time for a public bus. Or take a taxi.

Eplet is on a fantastic bike route that takes you from the train station at Voss, over Vikafjell, through Sognefjord, over Sognefjell to Lom and the train station at Otta. As a fellow biker we also offer long distance bikers a free hot shower if they are passing by.